Ghanshyam Nagar, Opp. Navyug College, Rander Road, Surat

Administrator’s Message

Let me take this time to say what an absolute pleasure and privilege to welcome you to Seven Steps School. The school lays a strong emphasis on value based education, talent development, shaping its students into good citizens and responsible human beings. Each child is gifted with special talents and abilities and hence considered unique. We try our best to provide a school environment where children are safe, secure, happy, and co-operative and where our key focus is on learning.

Among the many goals we have as educators it is at our core that we want to provide our students the opportunities to learn and grow socially. Achieving these goals requires strong communication, focus on student achievement and social development, and a dedication to our school community. At Seven Steps School, we will achieve all of these together.

We encourage and value parents and community involvement in the school. It is the close co-operation between parents and teachers that ensures quality educational experiences for our students. On behalf of Seven Steps family I appreciate the co-operation of parents that lead us to achieve our goals as an education institution.


Mr. Vishal Ahir