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Seven Step Pre-School

School Facilities

Highly Qualified And Experienced Faculties

The faculties of Seven Steps Pre-School are highly qualified, well-trained and well-experienced in their own respective field. They have been trained to impart education using the perfect method of teaching to suit the subject, topic and situation. Understanding the student’s individual requirements, they are capable of customizing the method of teaching without making compromise to the objectives. As expert teachers, they encourage the students acquire positive attitude and develop confidence through right kind of approach to grasp the course curriculum.

Play-Way Method Of Teaching

The education process in Seven Steps Pre-School is a joyful experience. The students learn in an open and favourable study environment. Most of the education process are made enjoyable by adopting a play-way method. We call Education as ‘Edutainment’ as it is made an entertainment. Utmost care is taken to provide a stress less study environment.

Mineral Drinking Water

Nothing comes above good health. The students and the staff at Seven Steps Pre-School have a facility to get the pure and the safe Mineral Water available all the time. 90% of human diseases are caused due to contaminated water. So Seven Steps Pre-School ensures the supply of Mineral Water to all its students and staff.

A Separate Personal Student Counseling

A body has been formed in Seven Steps Pre-School to provide proper guidance to the students. It functions in the fashion of a consultancy service provided free of cost. Individual problems of the students and discussed and solutions are found under the guidance of the experts.

Parents Counseling

The school provides parents counseling facilities to assist them with their child's academic and emotional well-being. The counseling sessions are conducted by qualified professionals who provide guidance and support to parents on a wide range of issues. This facility helps parents to better understand their child's strengths and weaknesses, identify any concerns or issues, and learn how to support their child's academic and emotional development. The parents counseling facility is an essential part of the school's holistic approach towards education.

Creative Area

There are so many ways for children to explore and be creative. The creative area in a preschool classroom is a place where your little children can go creatively in drawing, expressing and playing.

Indoor Play Area

Indoor play area serve as great options to keep children busy and active. During their time in indoor play area kids are often faced with situations and challenges that help them develop vital skills. Interacting with others helps develop their imagination. Kids learn to be more expressive and curious.

Cctv Secured Campus

As a public education centre, schools have a key responsibility to ensure the ongoing safety of both their students and teachers while on school premises. CCTV camera surveillance systems are increasingly being used in schools to maintain safety and security, allowing school and faculty staff to focus on their responsibilities and to prevent criminal activity taking place at the site.

Educational Field Trip

Children are active learners as they are constantly making connections with the world around them. With an innate drive to learn and explore, field trips are the perfect way for children to learn outside of a typical classroom setting. Field trips are both fun and memorable ways to promote academic success. One study indicates that “regardless of gender, ethnicity or socioeconomic status, youth who take educational trips have better grades because the trips made them more engaged, intellectually curious.” With culturally enriching field trips, students can make connections to other educational fields, gain first-hand experiences, and understand concepts on a deeper level.

Smart Class

Classrooms are one of the main platforms where effective learning takes place. We have taken all the possible care while designing our world-class classrooms so that our students learn effectively from our teachers and get a facility of participative learning.

Admission Steps


Step 1

  • Fill and submit the admission form.
  • We will contact you on given phone number/ e-mail to visit the school campus for counseling, interaction & verification of original documents.

Step 2

  • On the scheduled day the application form (available from school) has to be submitted along with the required documents at admission office.
  • Entrance exam will be conducted.

Step 3

  • Post satisfactory evaluation, further process will be initiated.
  • Information about the school, including academics, infrastructure and facilities will be explained along with the fee details.

Step 4

  • On successful completion of above process, the parents are required to complete the enrolment formalities by remitting the “Amount payable at the time of admission”